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Kickstart your local discoverability with Levered's search engine optimization packages - all engagements are month-to-month and proactively managed on your behalf.

Local SEO Basics


3rd Party Publisher Sync

Duplicate Listings Suppression

Quarterly Virtual Check-Ins & SEO Recommendations


Local SEO Advanced


3rd Party Publisher Sync

Duplicate Listing Supression

Monthly Virtual Check-Ins & SEO Recommendations

3rd Party Review Response


Local SEO Premium


3rd Party Publisher Sync

Duplicate Listings Suppression

Monthly Virtual Check-Ins & SEO Recommendations

3rd Party Review Response

Local Landing Page Website**

** Requires implementation fee


Frequently asked questions

How does Levered handle subscription payments?

Levered processes subscription payments securely through Stripe, ensuring a seamless and reliable transaction experience for our customers.

What is the subscription duration for Levered's services?

Levered operates on a month-to-month subscription model, allowing customers the flexibility to subscribe and cancel at any time without being tied to long-term commitments.

Are there any hidden fees associated with Levered's subscription?

No, there are no hidden fees with Levered's subscription model. Our pricing is transparent, and customers only pay the agreed-upon subscription fee without any unexpected charges or additional costs.

Local Search
What is local search?

Local search is the process by which people use online platforms, such as search engines or maps, to find businesses, services, or products within a specific geographic area.

How do search engines determine local search results?

Search engines use 3 factors to determine local search results: 
1. Relevance - Does your business relate to the customer's search?
2. Distance - Are you within a distance to be relevant to the customer?
3. Prominence - How does the search engine view your business?

How does Levered help improve my business' prominence?

Levered specializes in guaranteeing the accuracy of your essential business details across various third-party publishers like Google, Yelp, Apple, and more. Additionally, we create individual local landing pages on your website for each physical location and promptly address customer reviews.

Can customers schedule a call or demonstration with a Levered representative?

Yes, customers can schedule a call or demonstration with a Levered representative by reaching out through our website's contact form (in the top right corner).

Where is Levered located?

Levered is a fully remote company, with team members located throughout the United States. While we don't have a central physical office, our distributed team collaborates effectively from various locations, ensuring our ability to serve customers nationwide.

How can I apply for a job or internship at Levered?

We're thrilled to hear about your interest in joining the Levered team! To apply for a job or internship, please fill out our contact button above. We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about our mission and eager to contribute to our team.